Is God For Real? Does God Truly Exist?


Honestly, I can't answer that question for you. The truth is, no matter what people say, there appears to be much evidence, (and lack of evidence), both ways, and we can never fully know the truth until we are dead. After we die, we can't come back and tell others, at least I don't think we can. So why am I putting this site up then? Read on and find out. I'll start with what I believe, then let you know how to find out for yourself.

Personally, I believe (actually know) that God is for real. I've had experiences in my life that just can't be explained without involving some kind of super powers, or something from out of this world, but then again, they say Earth is just one of 8 planets rotating around the sun and every star out there is another sun and many of them probably have planets going around them as well. Maybe it was some extra-terrestrial force that can explain things that have happened. Like I said in the previous paragraph, THERE IS NO WAY TO PROVE ABSOLUTELY whether or not God is real. If there were, it wouldn't be our choice as to whether or not to believe in him. That alone is a good enough reason for me to believe. Think about it. If God were not real, by now we'd have proof of that, but if God is real, he would want us to choose whether or not to believe in him, and if he were real, having the power to create Heaven and Earth and life on Earth would mean he would also have the power to decide how much, (or how little), he wants us to know. He wants us to choose to believe in him, so he's not letting us find PROOF that he is for real because then it would no longer be a choice. I have chosen to believe in him because I have felt his presence in my life, and because he physically stopped me from committing suicide, 3 times. Believe me, I know it was not just a part of me that stopped me. It might have been some extra-terrestrial force that stopped me, but then, isn't that what God would be? An extra-terrestrial force? ;-)

Now, if you do believe in God, you're probably thinking, Amen bro, and praise the Lord for saving your life, and you're probably curious what has happened and would like to hear my testimony. Maybe I'll put my story here later. If you don't believe in God, you're probably thinking, you're crazy, or nuts, or you've been brainwashed, or maybe you're just thinking, you have your beliefs and I have mine. If you don't know what to believe, well, keep reading and maybe I can help you decide. I'm not a preacher, a priest, or any higher up figure, and I'm not even going to try to prove to you that God is real. I'm just a person who has been on both sides. I was raised knowing and hearing very little about God (or Jesus), then my life changed in my early 20's when I discovered Jesus and invited him into my life. It's been different ever since then. Even though I believe he is real, I'm not even going to try to prove that to you. What you believe is up to you. I'm just going to try to bring together as much info as I can to help you decide.

How do you decide if God is for real, and who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus is complicated, not to me, but different people (different religions) have different ideas, so I'll take care of that question later. For now, here's something for you to read to help you decide if God is real.

Let's start at the beginning; this planet, Heaven if it exists, plants, animals and people. Christians, (anyone who believes in God, Jesus, or some other higher power), all believe there is "a God" out there that created everything. Scientists believe it all started with "the Big Bang theory". Both explanations can be pretty hard to believe, so here's a simple outline of how it all appears to have happened each way. You can try to decide which is more likely. Afterwards I'll talk about some other things that may help you decide.

The Big Bang Theory
There are slight variations to the story, but in general, scientists say our universe started as one very dense and very hot mass (single chunk of matter) that expanded drastically, eventually becoming a huge number of "chunks". The smaller pieces (planets) cooled off and eventually life started to develop on this one, Earth. Life started as tiny single celled life forms, like amoeba, and developed over millions of years to eventually become complicated creatures known as humans.

The Power of God
Religious beliefs are that a being with powers beyond our imagination created everything. God existed from the beginning and for one reason or another, (different religions have different ideas as to why), God decided to create Heaven and Earth and life on Earth. God made the Earth, then the plants and animals, then made Adam out of dirt, then gave him life. Next he made Eve so Adam wouldn't be alone, and so they could reproduce.

Which one to believe?
There are people who believe each story, people who don't know which one to believe, and people who think they may both be wrong. As far as I know, there is no 100% proof of either one. This is where some Christians will say, "Hold on, I can prove God is real. The Bible and miracles he's done prove it.", but can they really, absolutely, positively, PROVE God performed the miracles? He raised people from the dead, but even in today's world, we can think someone is dead and find out they are in a coma and they may suddenly wake up at any time. He's made the blind see. Many people have had temporary blindness. Maybe Jesus was a traveller from another galaxy with powers and abilities far beyond ours, and we just haven't developed that far yet. As for the Big Bang theory, I don't think it'll ever be possible to PROVE that, because the only way to prove it would be to travel back in time, millions of years, to see it in action, or if we get lucky, maybe scientists will see another galaxy in the early stages of creation, but then we'd have to be watching it for at least a few hundred thousand years to see if it really is doing what we think it will do.

Here are a few little notes and pointers that may help you decide, or at least give you something to think about.

The topic of this website is "Is God For Real" and I've been talking about God and the Big Bang theory because almost all of us believe one or the other is true. We will never, at least in my lifetime, be able to prove beyond a doubt whether God is real or not, and therefore not be able to prove which one is true. Think about it. We still don't fully understand our own body. We've been living in these things for a very long time and don't fully understand them. How can we possibly understand our entire galaxy, or the other galaxies, or how it all started.

If you REALLY WANT TO KNOW if God is for real, and how we came into existence, I say give God a try and see for yourself. There is no way to "try out" the Big Bang theory, but the God theory can be tried, and it doesn't take a lot of time and requires no money. It's simple. If you REALLY want to know the truth, say a little prayer. Assume God does exist and ask him to show you the truth. Think about it. If he's real, he'll want us to know he exists, so if you honestly want to know the truth, he'll bring you the truth. If he doesn't make his presence known to you, (in his own time), it means either he isn't real, or you don't really want to know, or maybe you're just not ready to know. If that happens, you still won't know for sure which is true, but all you will have lost is a few minutes of prayer time. If he does show himself to you, (not literally), you'll know the truth and you'll see changes in your life.

Here are a couple links for more reading on both options:

I have more to do on this site, but this should give you something to think about. In the end, the question "Is God for real?" can only be answered by you.

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